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What options for making an appointment does CloudZorg offer?

CloudZorg offers several options for making an appointment:

  • E-Prescription
  • E-Consult
  • Video call option
  • E-Health programs
  • Monitoring programs
  • Utilization of Cloud Diagnostics
  • Referral to a paramedic in the CloudHealth Center
  • Pre-appointment questionnaires
  • Specialist teleconsultation
  • Potential scheduling of physical contact at a ground location
  • Referral to a community team
  • Referral to community care

Which video calling functionality is used by CloudZorg? uses WhereBy for video calling capabilities.

Can I always make a physical appointment if I want to?

It is possible to make a physical appointment. However, as a patient, you must first fill out the triage tool, and based on the level of urgency, it will be determined if a physical appointment is necessary.

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